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Beers to try if you like IPAs
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IPAs are bold, hop-driven beers that typically range in strength from 6% ABV & up (except Session IPAs). When you explore IPAs, you’ll taste the dramatic difference in the flavours that hops bring to beer.

Beers to try if you like Pale Ales
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No longer the classic English Pale Ale of yore, the modern pale ale is the easy-drinking, flavour packed cousin of the IPA. A bit lower in strength, but just as diverse in flavour.

Beers to try if you like Dark Beers
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The craft stout ranges from historic (e.g. export stout) to decadent, dessert-inspired flavours. Watch out for the Imperial Stout, at 10% or higher it might take you by surprise.

Beers to try if you like Sours
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Adventure through the wonderful, rewarding world of sour & wild beer. Try historical Belgian Lambic & Geuze, or super-fruity, sour beers reminiscent of sour sweets.

Beers to try if you can’t decide

When you’re not sure where to start, or you just want to try everything, then a mixed case might be for you. Our beer experts, each with more than 10 years experience, curate a tailored selection for each case.