Downstream: The World’s First Blockchain Beer

Discover the origins of  the world’s first Blockchain beer, Downstream IPL.

We believe the provenance of the beer we sell is incredibly important. As craft beer is increasingly diluted by corporate acquisitions and disingenuous marketing, identifying beer that is produced by truly independent breweries using quality ingredients is becoming increasingly difficult for the average consumer. We’ve voiced our concerns about “Big Beer” masquerading as craft in the past. Transparency is key when it comes to tracing a product’s origins and revealing what actually rests inside the bottle.

In partnership with technology firm arc-net, Irish Craft Beers (ICB) have created a new beer brand that will be placed on a “Blockchain” platform – the first time this has been done anywhere in the world – to enable consumers to fully trace the product’s ingredients from source. Each bottle of the new Downstream IPL has been uniquely marked and authenticated arc-net, allowing full traceability of each bottle through the brewery and the supplier network to the ultimate consumer.

Liam Brogan, Co-Founder and Director of Ireland Craft Beers, highlights the importance of transparency:

“More than ever, consumers want to know where their food and drink comes from, so capturing and sharing production, process and product data with customers is central to having a brand that is trusted and respected. Consumers want transparency, they want authenticity, and Blockchain enables that.”

Customers need simply scan a QR smart code on the label of the beer to be taken to an online experience that allows them to uniquely identify every single bottle produced.

HonestBrew will be the first retailer to distribute Downstream IPL to beer lovers across the UK – and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Our Honesty Box subscribers will be receiving bottles of the Hybrid IPA over coming months and the beer will be also available to purchase in the online bottleshop. Brewed by Warrenpoint’s Mourne Mountains Brewery, Downstream offers an unmissable opportunity to fully appreciate the journey a craft beer takes. Discover everything you could possibly want to know about your beer, it’s ingredients and brewing processes.

Kieran Kelly, CEO of arc-net adds:

“We are delighted to work with Ireland Craft Beers to ensure customers get much greater insight into the product they are buying in terms of its origins and its journey to the shop they are buying it in. Our solution gives companies and brand owners the ability to have independent validation of their food quality. It also increases the information flow across the entire supply chain, which helps ensure authenticity, quality, traceability and compliance, based on Blockchain technology.”

Time to talk about the beer itself. The hybrid IPL showcase the best of IPA and lager styles. A clarity of flavour is derived from the lager yeast, the perfect foundation to build an innovative and flavourful hop profile upon. Simcoe hops give masses of tropical fruit, grapefruit, stone fruit and pine aromas and flavours.

Discover more about Downstream IPL here, and pick up your own bottles in the HonestBrew online bottleshop here. Downstream IPL is a revolutionary approach to beer and one which allows you to follow its journey from barley to bottle. The technology allows craft producers to fully guarantee their provenance ahead of the big commercial brands; who continue to pour millions of pounds into pulling the wool over consumers eyes.

The journey you take may well be digital, but the issues facing independent breweries when it comes to provenance are very real. This isn’t a Chicago IPA brewed in Italy or a London lager churned out in Belgium, this is unique and delicious Irish craft beer produced by passionate Irish breweries using the finest ingredients. Discover Downstream IPL for yourself. 

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