Craft Beer Rising 19-22nd February 2015


Craft Beer Rising is happening again this month at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane & we’re mighty excited to say we’ll be there! I mean, we would be there whatever the weather, punting away with a pint in hand. But what I should have said is: we’ve got our own table! Get in!

“Craft Beer Rising?” You say? “What’s all this?”

Imagine a bunch of breweries all getting together in one place for a few days to share a few quality beers, eat some excellent food, chat about the weather and generally enjoy each other’s company. Well, that’s Craft Beer Rising, running from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd of February.

Come say ‘hi’ as you peruse the old brew house, checking out what the likes of Fourpure, Beavertown & Ilkley Breweries have to offer. While you’re there pause and ponder the former glory of the Black Eagle Brewery, the largest in the world some 160 years ago, and wealthy enough Dickens felt it worth a mention in David Copperfield.

Grab yourselves some tickets here!

Craft Beer Rising is a small part of London Beer Week, when the city gets together to celebrate all things beer and cider. It’s a week-long event of pop-ups and parties, masterclasses and self-guided Beer Tours around some of the best venues in the London.  For some sweet discounts at over 100 venues across the city, head to the London Beer Week site to buy a wristband.