Craft Beer News: HonestBrew Investment Fund

HonestBrew’s Andrew Reeve & Verdant’s James Heffron

We believe in good beer. That’s why we want to ensure the exciting, talented and unique breweries from the UK and beyond have the ability to produce as much good craft beer as possible.

In an effort to support independent breweries we are launching the HonestBrew Investment Fund. Each year we’ll be dividing £50,000 of funds between numerous breweries from several different locations. This will provide the capital required to purchase brewing and packaging equipment and provide the funding to help independent breweries grow.

How do they pay us back? Beer! Breweries will pay HonestBrew back in delicious craft beer that will then be made available to our customers.

Falmouth’s Verdant Brewing Co. will be the first brewery to benefit from the fund. We’re providing £20,000 of funding for the acclaimed Cornwall-based brewery to buy new fermentation tanks in which to store their beer prior to packaging. More capacity means more beer making its way to craft beer lovers around the UK.

“The HonestBrew investment fund is quite simply a no-brainer. We get to increase our capacity and upscale our business, and they get to have the beer they want available to their customers. Plus without this fund we wouldn’t be looking to upscale at this current rate, we really can’t thank the HonestBrew team enough.” – Adam Robertson (Verdant Brewing Co.)

Back in July we headed down to the Cornish coast to brew a collaboration beer with James and Adam from Verdant. The brew day resulted in the release of our acclaimed Double India Pale Ale “We’ve Lost The Manifest”.

The money our customers spend will be reinvested and contribute to the growth and future of independent craft beer.

“We’ve been vocal about supporting independent breweries in the past; now it’s time for us to put our money where our mouth is. The HonestBrew Investment Fund will not only contribute to the growth of independent breweries, but it will also ensure our customers are getting more of the beers they love.” – Andrew Reeve (Founder at HonestBrew)

Breweries must be existing HonestBrew suppliers, independently owned and use the funds to invest in new equipment/capital expenditure. The loan is interest free. Breweries can apply at the following email address: [email protected]