Craft Beer Cans Vs Bottles

Why cans? You ask. Well, here at HonestBrew we think cans are brilliant for many reasons. Soon you will too. 

Rumour is that some of you are sceptical about beer that comes in cans… It’s time to set the record straight and put to rest any outdated concerns once and for all. Canned beer is just as good as beer that comes in bottles, and the benefits of canned brews are plentiful. Crack one open, pour out your brew and experience the reality; big flavours, locked-in freshness and eye-catching artwork await.

Bottles have delivered beer to our bellies for centuries – and for that we’re eternally grateful – however, they’re not always the most convenient container for taking your delicious brew from A to B. Picture yourself at a picnic, or on a hike, maybe you’re stocking up for a festival or camping trip, perhaps you’re not driving to your destination and need a lightweight option… cans are the perfect and delicious solution in many scenarios. We’ve even assembled a brilliant 12 beer mixed case packed with cans perfect for all of the above! 

Sealed away from pesky oxygen and light (beer’s biggest foes), portable, super lightweight and easily recyclable, cans are an obvious choice for modern craft beer and breweries looking to cut down on their costs and carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

Canning craft beer is a trend that began in the US back in 2002, when Colorado based brewery, Oskar Blues, decided to say goodbye to bottles. The brewery’s success in the wake of the release proved that not only were cans a viable option for delivering contemporary craft beer to the masses, but an exciting alternative for those who longed for something new when it came to transporting and consuming their brews.

Today, many of the world’s best breweries are making the shift from bottles to cans. Admittedly, there are still substandard beers, including an array of flavourless, mass-produced macro lagers, that are also canned – but that’s not the cans fault now is it! Acclaimed multi-award-winning UK breweries such as Manchester’s Cloudwater and Leeds’ Northern Monk can the vast majority of their releases, reserving bottles for 750ml special releases. Undoubtedly bottles still provide a sense of occasion when it comes to opening and sharing specific beers.

Breweries are investing heavily in canning lines, and they’re certainly not cutting corners. When it comes getting their products into the hands of consumers, craft brewers want the best possible representation of their beer and an enjoyable experience for you – that often equates to packaging it inside cans. Cloudwater’s Co-founder Paul Jones went into great detail regarding the brewery’s reasoning behind transitioning to cans here.

Believe In Beaver

Tottenham-based brewery, Beavertown, led the way when it came to introducing top-quality canned beer to the UK market – altering perceptions about what sits inside shiny metal shells. Beavertown demand your attention with their wild and wonderfully illustrated labelling, before satisfying your taste buds with a bold an distinct array of styles.  

Gamma RayBeavertown’s signature American Pale Ale, is a beer dominated by a juicy malt base, zesty citrus notes, and big splashes of tropical fruit flavour. Branded with the instantly recognisable artwork of the brewery’s creative director and designer, Nick Dwyer, Beavertown produced a beer which quickly became perhaps the UK’s most celebrated and omnipresent canned beer – a significant milestone of modern British brewing.

Now, more and more of the UK and Europe’s most beloved breweries are following in the footsteps of Beavertown and their American cousins, embracing the many benefits of canned beer and ensuring beer lovers have the best drinking experience possible.

Enchanting Cans

Another brewery showcasing some of the brightest and best canned beer around is Magic Rock. The Huddersfield based brewery are not only proudly representing The North when it comes to a UK craft beer scene which was once dominated by London breweries, but they’re doing it in style. From a sunset yellow can of their Grapefruit Pale Ale “High Wire Grapefruit”, to their enlightening red ale “Rapture”, to a devilish pitch black can of “Dark Arts, the brewery is turning heads and earning glowing reviews. Their beer looks amazing and tastes even better.


Craft Beer For The Masses

We’re passionate about independent micro-breweries and the beer they produce. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to spread their awesome beer far and wide.

Our Howlers are designed to be super convenient and enjoyed anywhere. Taking inspiration from a traditional growler fill – a litre or two of fresh beer taken directly from the brewery – our Howlers deliver two or three cans of the finest and most exciting craft beer from around the world straight to your door. Perfect for a gift, or a present to yourself, start discover the flavourful joys of canned beer.

We assembled a diverse and seasonal lineup of Howlers to help you discover and share just how good contemporary canned beer can be.