Top 8 Christmas Gifts

The Top 8 Craft Beer Christmas Gifts

Know someone who loves a bit of craft beer? A craft beer gift is something you know they’ll love and is never at risk of being dull or unappreciated.

We’ve assembled a selection of the Top 8 beer gifts for a range of beer drinkers, so you can rest easy they’ll enjoy every last drop.


#1. The 12 Days of Christmas

The obvious choice to make their day. The 12 Days of Christmas mixed case is jam packed with flavour – featuring the Champion Beer of Britain and an exclusive collaboration with Northern Monk

Contains: 12x craft beers, a Christmas Card, £10 voucher, craft beer booklet in a festive Gift Box!

12 beer gift box – £29.90

#2. A Craft Beer Introduction

The perfect introduction to the world of craft beer. Each beer is a wonderful example of a delicious beer style, so they can taste their way across the flavour spectrum and find a new favourite beer or style!

12 beers – £29.90


#3. The Christmas Party Box

If they’re the kind of person who likes to party, this is the box for them! Featuring exclusive imported beers, new releases and fresh beers they’ve never tried before.

Contains: 24x craft beers, a Christmas Card, £10 voucher, craft beer booklet in a festive Gift Box!

24 beer gift box – £59.90

#4. The Stocking Filler Six

This six pack of mixed styles features 6 beers that’ll dispel all fears about meaningless stocking stuffers! Nobody can argue with six delicious brews.

Contains: 6x craft beers, a Christmas Card, £10 voucher, craft beer booklet in a festive Gift Box!

6 beer gift box – £19.90


#5. 12 Hoppy IPAs & Pales

If you know they love hoppy, easy drinking beers then this is will be right up their alley. They’ll sample a range of pale ales & IPAs, all full of delightful hop forward flavours.

They’ll definitely be thanking you when they find a new favourite brew!

12 hoppy beers – £32.90

#6. The Best of British

A handpicked selection of beers from the UK’s best craft breweries. A crowd pleasing selection of styles perfect for their big day.

Take your them on a flavour packed tour of the breweries that make the UK brewing scene so vibrant.

12 beers – £29.90

#7. The Traditionalist

When they just love a good beer and aren’t into anything strange or weird, we’ve definitely kept them in mind too.

We’ve picked 12 beers that are expertly crafted, extremely high quality, but not too outrageous to provide a damn good drinking box.

12 beers – £29.90

#8. The Winter Selection

When it’s chilly, wet, miserable & grey there’s a lot to enjoy about beer. Roasty porters, creamy stouts, punchy brown ales and amber IPAs & are soul-warming and comforting.

12x craft beers perfect for winter will make a beer lover’s evening cosy & comfy.

12 beers – £32.90

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