Cheers to you! Join us in celebrating with a special birthday beer…

As we’ve been approaching our 7th birthday, we thought about marking it with a big old blowout. Then we realised, we’re far too shy to make it all about us, because frankly, without all you folks; there would be no HonestBrew.

So rather than cracking open the fizz and helping ourselves to an obscenely tall, tiered cake, we’re instead saying cheers to you! We’re celebrating all this week with offers, competitions and by giving away our exclusive, limited edition birthday beer, brewed in collaboration with our HonestBrew Members and the legendary Siren Craft Brew.


Our limited-edition member collab is now ready to drink!

To make our birthday extra-special this year, we wanted to enjoy a unique beer and, as it’s not much fun celebrating alone, we wanted enough of it to share with our customers. We also felt that our members deserved a treat to thank them for all their support and loyalty over an eventful year, so decided to bring them in on the plan.

Enlisting the help of one of the UK’s most popular craft breweries in Siren, we worked with members to decide what kind of beer to make, what it should be called, and how it should look. Now the beer is finally ready, and members can claim a can each for FREE!

Decisions, decisions: How we decided what to brew for our member collab

Last month, members were asked to vote over email to determine what the Member Collab beer should be. First of all, we offered the chance of 4 styles, with Stout, Sour, Lager & IPA the options. In a result that didn’t come as too big a surprise, we saw IPA come out on top, with an ABV range of 6-7% the most popular choice of strength.

After announcing Siren as our collab partners, their brewing team then offered members a choice between four different recipes. The choices were:

• Californian IPA: similar to their recent collab with Green Cheek
• Black IPA: a cult favourite that Siren have form for brewing
• Tasty IPA: the best of both coastal styles in one crushable beer
• Brut IPA: a style that amplifies all the hop character of a beer

The winner was the Tasty IPA, as nominated by brewer Kit, with our members keen to sample more beers in the vein of Siren’s Azaccattack & I Left My Wallet in El Dorado. Once this had been decided, we got to the fun part of naming the beers. After an initial free-for-all, we managed to whittle down the submissions to a shortlist. The final winner was Dave Shipp’s The World Beyond My Window, a reflection on the experience of the past few months as well as perhaps an allusion to looking ahead to the future with optimism.

Last of all, we needed to choose that all-important label design, with the winning option being a tasteful marriage of Siren blue and HB orange, for a striking and dare-we-say rather enticing can.

Brewing our member collab

With everything decided, it was time to brew the beer. HonestBrew team members Steve & Melanie headed up to Siren’s Finchampstead HQ to get involved in the brew day, and were treated to a tasting of some of Siren’s recent releases from their head brewer Sean. They also took a tour of the facilities, including the mammoth barrel storeroom where we sneaked a peek at some exciting beers maturing away for future release.

The most important part: Tasting the member collab!

Our members were sold on the concept of the best qualities of both East & West Coast IPA styles, and Siren have managed to hit the nail right on the head.

Whipped up with a hearty helping of Maris Otter, malted & flaked oats, you can expect a silky, smooth texture and hazy appearance, typical of East Coast brewing. A dash of rice into the mix helps it deftly sidestep sticky, overly sweet territory.

Hopped within an inch of its life, with 19.7g per litre, the Member Collab is fuelled by a triple-threat of Mosaic, Citra & Motueka at its core. Three additional dry-hopping sessions also include Simcoe and Azacca Cryo, bringing further subtleties to the flavour.

Tastewise, it sits on that sweet spot between the two US coasts. An initial tropical wave of juicy fruits gives way to a refreshing blast of bitterness before a zesty sparkle of lime dances across the palate. There’s something for everyone in this brew and we’re delighted with the outcome!

How to claim your FREE can of our member collab!

So we can all enjoy our birthday celebrations, we’re going to be giving this beer away for FREE to our members. All you need to do is click here and add the beer to your basket for your free can. If you love the beer, you’ll also be able to purchase additional cans at an exclusive member price.

If you’re not a member you can still purchase the beer, or even better, become a member today for FREE and claim a can. That way, you can be involved in the next one, while also enjoying all of our member perks, such as lower prices, exclusive beers and early access to big releases!

However you’re planning to pick up the beer, we hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to tag us in a pic on socials with #HBmembercollab2020 if that’s your bag! Cheers!