Catching up on CRAK, our HonestBrewer of the Week!

Our HonestBrewer of the Week is the brilliant CRAK Brewery. Longtime HonestBrew customers may be familiar with these Italian innovators, but if you’re more of a newcomer to HB, then allow us to gush a bit about why CRAK are one of our favourite breweries in Europe.

CRAK put great stock in super-fresh beers, bursting with powerful hops and full-on flavours, reflecting their strong sense of independence and integrity. Their uncompromising approach to quality and creativity has resulted in the acquisition of their own farm, where they produce the barley and some of the hops that form the backbone of their brews. Here, they also cultivate fruits and honey used as additions, but you’ll also find brews containing ingredients sourced from their local community, including grapes from local vineyards.

Using such ingredients may have an impact on the flavour of the beer, but CRAK’s ethos goes beyond just coming up with intriguing flavours. Each beer is intended to be not just a tasty cumulation of produce from a farm, but a celebration of the flavours, culture and history of the proud province of Padua, the place that CRAK calls home.

Read on to find out more about CRAK’s latest releases, as well as their forthcoming HonestBrew collab! Alternatively, hop off here and grab some of their beers!

Honey, I drunk the beers: Behind CRAK’s new API treatment

This new incarnation of one of CRAK’s most notorious beers has got our team buzzing. Using honey from their own apiary, the ever-inventive team have developed a new “API Treatment”. By adding large doses of hops along with small quantities of honey at crucial moments of the brewing process, the API treatment guarantees beers that balance incredible levels of hop flavour, without an overpowering bitterness.

The first beer to undergo this new treatment is one of CRAK’s flagship beers, Giant Double Step. Not only is the name very appropriate for this bold new move, it’s a beer known for a distinctive bitterness, that has evolved and taken on new characteristics once laden with silky, sweet honey. The result is a dank and soft IPA, that drinks like a fresh fruit milkshake, rich in flavours like papaya, peach and mango, as well as, you guessed it, a hint of honey.

Celebrating Oktoberfest, Italian-style

Without official dates to adhere to, and consisting more of video calling sessions from the comfort of home, Oktoberfest has taken on a life of its own this year. Another notable change is the amount of craft breweries that have releasing refreshing seasonal Lagers inspired by the classic German Festbiers and other traditional styles that we’d be drinking by the litre-load in usual circumstances. Having always shown a love for Lager with their uber-crispy and refreshing After Sauna series, CRAK have gone all out to celebrate Oktoberfest with a broad and intriguing selection of Lagers.

From more traditional fare like Helles and Pils, to Smoked and Black variations, the series celebrates the simple refreshment of a good crisp Lager, while also showing the flexibility of the style. It’s a perfect for curious drinkers who want to see the true scope of this often under-appreciated (in the craft world) style.

Sample future flavours with our exclusive Tastes of Tomorrow collab

What will the future of beer taste like? We’ve partnered up with CRAK, as well as 5 other leading breweries, asked them to gaze into a swirling cosmic vortex, and then to pull out the kind of beer that our future selves will be sipping. CRAK’s offering is a DDH Grape Ale, based on a super smooth and hoppy DDH New England IPA, but with a huge addition of aromatic and distinctive local grapes.

This brew blends the current fandom for heavily-hopped styles with the history of their local province, traditionally fuelled by the abundance of the Moscato Giallo grape. As the world begins to look locally for solutions both practical and ethical, there’s never been a more appropriate time for CRAK to unite these two elements of their identity.

The Tastes of Tomorrow series is exclusive to HonestBrew and is currently available for pre-order to HonestBrew Members as a case of 6 beers, with a tasting glass, or as a part of our Ultimate Advent Calendar.

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