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HonestBrew is proud to work with the best breweries in the industry with beers from over 100 breweries from the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia… and one from Japan.  From burgeoning breweries that are just finding their feet to established microbreweries and their celebrated brews, we’re passionate about introducing people to the world’s best breweries and their beer.

We appreciate that freshness is a major concern of brewers and brew lovers so we make sure that beer is in and and out of our ambient temperature warehouse within 4 – 6 weeks. That means none of the hard work or quality ingredients go to waste. From homegrown Irish malts, to the wild ingredients foraged from the contrasting landscapes of the UK, to the tropical Australasian hops which journey across the ocean, you will experience beers the way breweries intended – fresh and bursting with flavour.

We’re inspired by the innovation which breweries display every single day, and how they take strides to distance themselves from the ordinary and mass-produced. Not only do we want your to drink their incredible beer, but we want to tell your their unique stories.

The range of beers that we offer in our shop and pack into our Honesty Boxes reflect the diverse and constantly evolving craft beer community that is present today.