Craft Breweries behind our Honesty Boxes

We have teamed up with a some of the best breweries in the UK to put together our Taster Kits. What’s that you ask? It’s a perfect introduction into our personalised subscription service – the Honesty Box. Your first box will contain six unique styles of beer, from the breweries below, giving you a taste of what we can offer you. Once you try the beers and set up a profile online we can match beers to your individual taste, because everyone’s different. Discover beers from breweries like these and 50+ others.

Get to know the breweries behind our Taster Kits:


Wild Beer Co.

Established: 2012 by buddies Andrew & Brett, gone experimental on a farm near Glastonbury.

Mission: Wild Beer are England’s answer to brewing revolutionaries. Flavour is their god, and it’s with funky organisms local to the brewery and barrel aging they achieve it. Taking beer to the next level, valuing both the historical and the modern, they challenge you to Drink WILDLY Different.

Visit their website here


The Five Points Brewing Co

Established: 2012 by Ed Mason, Five Points takes its name from the five-way junction in Hackney Downs, round the corner from the brewery.

Mission: Quality. Consistency. Flavour. All three are upheld to the highest order by the Five Points brewers. On the whole, Five Points’ mission is to remain as dedicated to their social and business responsibilities as they are to the quality of their beer, using 100% renewable electricity and reinvesting 5% of profits into local charities and community projects.

Visit their website here


Tiny Rebel

Established: 2012 by Brad & Gazz, for the love of taking things a step further and doing things different.

Mission: Rebels with a cause, they’re out to ruffle a few feathers and change old ideas about beer. For them, beer is no longer a drink strictly for old men in wellies sporting barrel guts and flat caps, but also for anyone who ever grew up with an Atari or Sega, or wanted a droid as a pet.

Visit their website here


Beavertown Brewery

Established: 2011 by Logan Plant in the basement kitchen of Duke’s Brew & Que in de Beauvoir Town (that’s ‘Beavertown’ in Cockney, ‘innit), Hackney.

Mission: To push the boundaries of modern brewing with as much flair and gusto as the former residents of old Beavertown, famed across Victorian London for its alehouses and infinite revelry. Not only do they brew damn fine beers, they’re also pushing boundaries by brewing beer specifically for food pairings and are one of the largest purveyors of craft beer in cans in the UK.

Visit their website here


Camden Town Brewery

Established: 2010  by Jasper Cuppaidge in the railway arches.

Mission: Inspired by the high-quality beers of Germany, Camden’s ethos is to create consistent, great-tasting beers, beginning with their Hells Lager, challenging the big dogs and their grip on the style. This led them to perfect a small core range, each upholding the idea that balance in every beer is key.

Visit their website here


HonestBrew (us)

Established: In 2013 by three Kiwis (Andrew, Annabel & Tim) and one Aussie (Craig).

Mission: To source and deliver the finest range of beer from Europe and the US, sent in the form of Honesty Boxes. HonestBrew match beers from 50+ leading breweries to each customer’s individual tastes. This means our customers discover new and exciting beers that are personally hand-picked for them every month.