Wild Beer Co.

About Wild Beer Co.


Marrying traditional techniques with modern executions, The Wild Beer Co was born out of a love of fermentation, barrel-ageing and flavour. With a true passion for taste & aroma, The Wild Beer Co beers are packed full of incredible ingredients, with unorthodox yeasts and seasonally foraged and exotic produce. Set in the Somerset countryside, this farmhouse brewery utilises time-honoured traditions, with a “slow” approach to brewing which is symbolised by their extensive barrel stores, with over 600 on hand to hold the beers and impart traditional flavours. Now a recognisable brand for a huge number of drinkers, The Wild Beer Co can be credited with reigniting the nation’s interest in a number of once-overlooked styles of beer as well as producing some excellent examples of more conventional styles such as Bibble and Millionaire.

Brewery Facts

  • Founded In: 2012
  • Founders: Andrew Cooper & Brett Ellis
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Owner: Andrew Cooper & Brett Ellis
  • Beer styles: IPA,  Sour, Lager