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About Pühaste


Pühaste take their name from a small village in Estonia, where Head Brewer and founder Eero Mander began to experiment with brewing. After doing the nomadic brewing thing for a bit and building the team, Pühaste opened their own permanent brewery in the city of Tartu and haven’t slowed down since. Chosen as the Breakthrough Brewery of the Year in our 2020 Independent Beer Awards, Pühaste have developed a reputation as one of the best dark beer brewers in europe, with their Stouts and Porters delighting fans of the darker beers. When they turn their hands to other styles, they continue to excel, with a range of lagers and IPAs, just as delicious as their darker counterparts. Always willing to experiment with ingredients, Pühaste will no doubt continue to push brewing boundaries each and every year!

Brewery Facts

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founder: Eero Mander
  • Country: Estonia
  • Owner: Eero Mander
  • Key Beer styles: Stout, Porter, IPA