Partizan Brewery

Partizan Brewery

Partizan Brewery

Partizan Brewing was started by Andy Smith in 2012. Brewing in London in South Bermondsey, Partizan is producing interesting and creative bottle conditioned beers. Their label artwork is produced by illustrator Alec Doherty, sticking a signature style to all of their beers. HonestBrew has got to know Partizan as fellow LBA (London Brewers Alliance) members. We enjoy their beautifully crafted Saisons at home beside the barbecue.

A traditional Porter that boasts caramel tones as opposed to typically roasty stout flavours. Ruby red in colour and full-bodied with a moderate bitterness, Partizan are strong supporters of traditional with a fresh and contemporary twist.

A classic stout. Dark, rich and overflowing with intensity, this Partizan brew exudes roasted coffee bean, stone fruit and wild berry flavours. A pitch-black tidal wave of boozy yet refined beer.

Made by the Partizan micro brewery in South Bermondsey, this is a light straw-like colour pale ale, with a dry, delicate and crisp texture. The aroma hops change batch to batch and it’s a sessionable 4.5% ABV.

As you beer aficionados will know, a saison is a super fizzy pale ale that’s fruity, spicy, and often bottle conditioned. This one by Partizan delivers a big citrus and lemongrass aroma, and has a dry, delicate texture that’s similar to a pilsner. An ale to refresh even the thirstiest of beer drinkers.

A fruity and spicy brew, made with lemon, thyme and love. Beautifully light and balanced, a thirst quenching drop from Partizan.