Magic Rock Brewing Co.

About Magic Rock Brewing Co.


Founded in 2011 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Magic Rock was the brainchild of Richard Burhouse who, along with Head Brewer Stuart Ross, set up the first brewing site in a disused out-building belonging to the family business, an importer of crystals and natural gifts. With a big US influence and a strong understanding of the engaging visuals that helped to differentiate craft beer from its, they commissioned local designer Rich Norgate to create an iconic look and feel. With this detailed preparation the early results were impressive, with Magic Rock finding themselves voted the 2nd best new brewery in the world by Expansion followed in 2015 and 2016 as did the launch of their SeshFest festival in 2018.

Magic Rock’s approach of “same but different”, fuels their solid and varied core range, as well as their ever-changing and exciting array of special beers. Intensity underpins a lot of their beers, but skilful brewing and a dedication to balance ensures that they remain approachable and exceptionally drinkable. The end goal is to provide drinkers with a taste experience that is as far removed from the mundane as possible, and Magic Rock continue to deliver after nearly a decade in the game.

Brewery Facts

Founded In: 2011
Founders: Richard Burhouse & Stuart Ross
Country: United Kingdom
Owners: Lion
Beer styles: IPA, DIPA, Stout