The Kernel Brewery

About The Kernel


When cheesemonger Evan O’Riordain visited New York in 2007 he came across a vibrant beer scene and a curiosity for different beer varieties that he had never witnessed in the UK. When he got back, he immediately started brewing, and the result was The Kernel. Tucked into it’s railway arch along the Bermondsey Beer Mile, this iconic, yet understated brewery is often cited as an inspiration by a number of UK craft beer brewers. With a focus on quality, traditional recipes, you won’t find quirky names or vibrant designs on The Kernel’s labels. Instead you’ll experience The Kernel’s perfect pale ale, superior stouts and premium porter and you’ll see exactly why they’re held in such high regard. Legendary low-ABV brew Table Beer shows off this prowess in a simple, yet flavour-packed brew and is a go-to for many beer writers and connoisseurs. 

Brewery Facts

  • Founded Date: 2009
  • Founders: Evin O’Riordain
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Owner: Evin O’Riordain
  • Beer styles: IPA, Pale Ale, Saison, Porter, Stout