CR/AK Brewery

About CR/AK

CR/AK is only 3 years old but in that time has influenced the Italian beer scene in very significant ways. CR/AK have been very vocal about the need to maintain fresh supplies of their beer throughout Italy and have implemented a system of ‘kegged on’ dates for their tap badges that mean their uber hoppy beers reach the customer in the best condition possible.

For CR/AK hops are the king and treating them with respect is of the utmost importance. To make sure the beer reaches the UK in the best condition we will be using chilled transport for all shipments to the UK.

They have brought many international names like Other Half, Cigar City and the UK’s Magic Rock to Italy to collaborate on a series of beers since their founding in 2015. These brewing experiences have brought a wealth of knowledge and insight to this passionate team. It’s also helped put Italy on the map for many brewers visiting this side of the Atlantic.

Beautifully designed cans aren’t all they do, with a whole range of limited releases ageing away in their collection of rare Italian wine and spirit barrels. Stay tuned for more on these!