Buxton Brewery

About Buxton Brewery


The Romans, impressed with the quality of the water in the area, named the town that came to be Buxton, Aquae Arnemetiae or “The Waters of the Goddess of the Spring”. It’s this special Derbyshire water that Buxton Brewery now utilises to make some of the UK’s finest craft beer. The first brew was a Pale Ale created in a garage on a frosty New Year’s Day in 2009 by Geoff Quinn, but a year later Buxton was a full time endeavour, nomadically brewing at a local microbrewery. Now firmly established as a staple in the British craft beer scene with their own custom-built brewhouse, Buxton Brewery produces beers that are designed to delight and enthral. A versatile and confident outfit, Buxton are as equally adept at creating powerfully malty, heavily-hopped beers as they are light and more subtle brews with delicate aromas.

Brewery Facts

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founder: Geoff Quinn and Richard Garnett
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Owner: Geoff Quinn
  • Key Beer styles: Pale Ale, Sour, Porter