Brand New Straight Up Amber Ale

The Wait is Over.

That’s right, the rumours are true. We’ve gone balls deep and decided to brew our very own Amber Ale.

Our Straight Up Pale Ale was looking mighty lonely up on the shelf, so in the spirit of brotherhood we fashioned a delicious Amber to sit alongside it.

What Now?

Enjoy this one on crisp autumn evenings, pair it with a delicious warming stew or use it to douse someone who’s inadvertently set themselves alight. Whatever floats your boat.

You can not only enjoy the beery delights that both our Straight Up Ales have to offer in your next Honesty Box, but we’re currently brewing up a Stout to complete the Holy Trinity. It’s like some sort of crazy dream.

Don’t wait for Frank, he’s already cracked his fair share. If you’re interested, you can order a bottle of Straight Up Amber Ale from the Bottle Shop, or request it to be included in your next Honesty Box.

In honour of this momentous event, here are a few things not entirely unrelated to the colour amber. Enjoy!

1. Jurassic Park

Without the totally legit not-at-all-fabricated scientific explanation of how a mosquito got trapped in a piece of amber, we wouldn’t have the Spielberg classic that is Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldblum, an improbable amount of rain and raptors that haunted my nightmares for year. What’s not to like?

Fun Fact: The T-Rex’s iconic roar was created by combining the sounds of an elephant trumpeting with penguin mating sounds.

2. Traffic Lights

What? Traffic lights?

Well, children, traffic lights were invented in the 1800s for the british railroad industry. Back then, the lights were white and red. White for go and red for…well…stop. Christ, I’m boring myself with my own story. In short, some things happened and we now have the three-colour system of which one colour is…wait for it…amber. There you go.

Fun Fact: Traffic lights use a bunch of complicated algorithms and a system of electromagnets to assess when cars have stopped and when to change colour. Huh.

3. Amber

One of Frank’s many ex-girlfriends. Some say she has now moved to North Korea to live a life of hard labour in order to get over him, poor girl. We liked her, but she was only with him for the beard. Probably because, just like me, she couldn’t ever hope to grow a real one.