Big Brew Day

Today is the day. Today we brew big.

For me, this is the first mega-milestone in a journey that started with a chance meeting, followed by a few brew sessions in cramped kitchens and dusty sheds out Ealing way.

Reeves is out on the floor while I drag my feet* in the office. “Tea, anyone?”

What’s he brewing?

Our Straight Up Pale Ale, with a hop bill featuring Magnum for bittering with Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe for aroma & flavour. The first in our Straight Up series of three which will include an Amber and a Stout.

We did three original testers for this Pale Ale, all a similar recipe with the same malt base but with slight hop variations. The three that came out were all pretty good, but not 100% what we reckoned we were after.

“#2 needs more a bit more aroma and #3 a bit more bitterness.”

“Blend ‘em.”

“Blend ‘em?”



So we took to somewhat strange methods from way back, when publicans would blend the dregs of casks to create some sort of ‘bitsa beer’, like a dog of unrecognisable breed (or perhaps closer to the days of the old Black and Tan): a bit of number 2 was decanted into number 3, given a cheeky shizzle-up and promptly sampled.

“See? That’s what we’re after, perhaps with a bit more of number 3”

“Why, Reeves, that IS what we’re after!”

And here we find ourselves, checking the OG which is sitting at around 1.046 in the fermenter, aiming at 4.7%.

Watch this space…

*(read: foot. The other is still in the process of shrinking back from volleyball to regular post Copenhagen Beer Celebration fun)