Tasting Notes: Beers For Coffee Lovers

If you’re a fan of quality coffee, then you’re likely a fan of great beer too. As the thirst for quality small batch coffee and beer grows, the two celebrated tipples are becoming ever more intertwined. Many independent breweries are experimenting with coffee to produce delicious brews that satisfy caffeine and beer lovers alike. We’ve selected a unique lineup of coffee beers that are guaranteed to be a caffeine hit.

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If You Like Cold Brew: Time and Tide – The Kraken – Coffee Stout

Time & Tide Brewing’s own unique coffee blend is micro-roasted, cold brewed and then added to The Kraken during the brewing process to produce monstrously good flavours. Waves of roasted malt, rich dark chocolate and a bitter coffee finish wash over your taste buds.  

If You Like It Milky: Crafty Devil – Safe as Milk – Coffee Milk Stout

South Wales’ Crafty Devil are renowned for their devilishly good brews. This rich and velvety milk stout has heaps of dark malt and coffee (supplied by Coaltown Coffee Roasters) added. Toasty, sweet and not afraid of serving up a robust coffee kick.

If You Like It Boozy: Thornbridge – Eldon Bourbon and Vanilla Stout

Thornbridge Brewery’s Eldon offers a complex drinking experience, that, despite its booziness, perfectly balances bold flavours. The sweet tickle of Bourbon, a smooth hint of vanilla and a satisfyingly bitter coffee bite. Adding a splash of spirit to your after dinner coffee is a fine way to finish off an evening, give Eldon a whirl instead.

If You Like Mocaccino: Northern Monk - Northern Star - Mocha Porter

Leeds’ Northern Monk are one of the UK’s most celebrated craft breweries, and their Mocha Porter is a flavourful example of why. Brewed alongside North Star Coffee Roasters, the Mocha Porter packs a blend of speciality coffees from Brazil, El Salvador and Sumatra – all of which are purchased directly from the farmer to guarantee a sustainable price.

If You Like It Black: Siren – Americano DIPA

Siren Craft Brew take their coffee seriously, especially when it comes to adding it to their tasty brews. As part of their “Project Barista” series, the brewery dreamt up a double IPA with the goal of preserving the delicate nature of Ethiopian coffee’s high end berry notes. Birmingham’s Quarter Horse Coffee brewed a strong and hot coffee which was added to the beer directly before packaging.

If You Like Caramel Macchiatos: Mochachocolata Ya Ya! Chocolate Stout

A final drizzle of caramel is commonplace in coffee houses throughout the land, it makes perfect sense that a coffee-infused beer would get the same treatment. Electric Bear Brewing Co’s coffee caramel milk stout is an indulgent and bittersweet treat overflowing with aromas of liquorice and vanilla, followed by flavours of milk chocolate, toffee, and of course, coffee.