Table Beer

Table Beer has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance recently, with many drinkers looking for something which offers a full flavour without a heavy ABV. Historically this style was enjoyed over a meal by the entire family, and the strength was kept often under 1% so everyone was able to drink it. In modern times (where we quite rightly have age restrictions on alcohol), the strength has crept up, and you’ll now find Table Beers ranging from around 2-3.5%.

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While you may question whether this is just another example of session pale ale, Table Beer tends to be inspired by Belgian brewing, and is more malt-forward and closer to a Saison in terms of flavour, although some do possess a vibrant, hoppy character too. Possibly one of the most popular examples of Table Beer comes from London’s The Kernel brewery, who produce a consistently delicious brew despite an ever-changing hop profile. This easy-drinking nature has helped establish it as one of the favourite beers of brewers, writers and beer lovers across the country.