With its rich, roasty flavour and dark appearance Stout is one of the most popular and recognisable styles of beer. Stout was traditionally the generic term for dark beers that were stronger and thicker than Porter but, over the years, they have been brewed to all strengths of ABV.

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Stouts are top-fermented and are made using roasted malt or barley, hops, water and yeast and common flavour profiles include notes of coffee, chocolate and even tobacco. There is also an extensive range of variations on Stout, with the most common being Dry Stouts, like Guinness. Pastry Stouts (like those brewed by Amundsen) tend to be thicker and sweeter and may have additions to recreate flavours of popular desserts, Milk Stouts (popular with brewers like Brew York) contain lactose for a creamier body, and Imperial Stouts (a favourite of Pühaste) tend to be high in alcohol, with bolder flavours. This broad culture of variety makes Stout one of our favourite beer styles to explore.

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