Saison is a style that first originated in Wallonia, a French-speaking part of Belgium, in the 1700s. Translated as “Season”, it was beer that was brewed to a low ABV, using whatever farmers had to hand in the less labour-intensive winters and stored to be given to workers during the summers in the absence of potable water. As different land had different crops, it means that there’s no fixed characteristics for Saison, with the beer varying from region to region.

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What is generally accepted is that Saisons are often dry, highly carbonated and fruity with a light body. Often there are hints of spice, and they can vary in ABV, with many brewers these days opting for stronger beers. They often make excellent food pairings, going particularly well with fish and cheeses, where it’s advisable to match the more intense Saisons with the more intensely flavoured food.

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