New England

New England IPA is an American IPA that’s heavily dry-hopped to achieve a hazy appearance and a full body. It’s characterised by intense aromas and flavours of tropical fruit. Originally brewed in Vermont, in the New England region, the first true example was supposedly created by Josh Kimmich of The Alchemist, who brewed an IPA that wasn’t filtered or pasteurised: Heady Topper. This beer became so popular that imitations began to spring up around the East Coast and, soon, the style’s key traits began to solidify.

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NEIPA is about bold aromas and a smooth mouthfeel, with hops added to the boil later so that acids that create bitterness are less prevalent, and the beer is generally unfiltered so the full flavour remains intact. There are many great examples of NEIPA from around the world with breweries such as Verdant, Pressure Drop and Polly’s Brew Co among some of the top proponents of this style.