DIPA – Double IPA

Double IPAs (sometimes referred to as Imperial IPAs) are the bigger, badder brothers of the classic IPA and mirror their predecessors in being a diverse, multifaceted style. While there are few rules and restrictions on what constitutes a DIPA, there are a few guiding principles.

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Most notably DIPAs possess higher ABVs than their predecessors, coming in above the 7% mark, due to their high quantities of malt.

DIPAs are also more assertive in hop flavour and aroma, providing a sensory overload that will delight any self-respecting hop head. Many believe the first DIPA to have been created by Russian River Brewing in the US in 1994, making it a relative newcomer in the beer world – yet with bold, memorable and refreshing characteristics, it’s fast become one of the most popular choices for craft beer aficionados!