Craft Beer vs Real Ale?

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According to CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale)  “In the early 1970s we coined the term ‘real ale’ to make it easy for people to differentiate between the bland processed beers being pushed by the big brewers and the traditional beers whose very existence was under threat. Furthermore that ‘Real Ale must contain at least 1 million yeast cells per millilitre.” In essence, CAMRA were all about protecting traditional cask and bottle-conditioned ale producers from being wiped out by big beer – a job they were hugely successful in doing. Real Ale is alive and well largely thanks to them!

Craft Beer is very much carrying the torch of CAMRA, taking the fight to big beer, out to remove blindfolds for the world to see that a whole lot of cheap guff is being brewed. It differs from Real Ale as there are fewer restrictions when it comes to brewing, allowing for a far greater amount of experimentation and innovation in terms of styles and flavours. Craft Beer emphasises creativity and unique tastes over how much yeast lies in the bottom of the bottle or cask.