Beer banned at Royal Ascot!

Horses, hats and hirsute gentlemen: Ascot is a great mix of style and ridiculousness. The real shame, however, is that they’ve banned beer of all kinds. Sparkling wine or champagne only. In response to this devastating news, we’re giving you a few beery alternatives to Ascot staples to help ease the pain.


Like beer? Like wine? The guys at Wild Beer Co have come up with some really cool new creations mixing the two. A Saison is broadly defined as a pale ale brewed during the winter to enjoy as a refreshing summer beverage. The particular Saison we’re thinking of is called ‘Ninkasi’ and is a blend of New Zealand hops, apple juice, wild yeasts and, most importantly, champagne fermentation. Served in a 750ml wine bottle, these guys love to push the boundaries – no two beers are the same. Champagne is no longer a necessity. Get your game face on and give it a try.

Berliner Weisse

Feel like you’re missing out on the delicious snacks that the Royal Enclosure offers? We can fill the gap. We stock a beer like no other – the Sourdough 3.6%. The guys at the Wild Beer Co have come up trumps again. The perfect replacement to some light sourdough toast, but with more beer. Fermented with 58 year old sourdough culture and put directly in oak barrels, this beer has a gentle roundness of taste and is awesome paired with scrambled eggs. Just saying.


This is the real reason you’re missing out. Frank’s beanie is one thing but the headgear on show at this prestigious event is on another level. Cheese, washing machines and various members of the animal kingdom – if it can be balanced on your head, it’s fine by Ascot. The only alternative we can offer is BrewDog’s Hardcore IPA. Clocking in at a whopping 9.2% ABV, this will knock off not just your hat, but those of anyone in a 5 mile radius. Herby and peachy aromas combine with citrussy pine flavours to form a strong tasting but delicious beer. You’ll be too tipsy to notice the Scarlet Macaw mounted on this woman’s head. Perfect.

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