Backing our Breweries

We’re passionate about sourcing beers from the best breweries in the world. In particular, we keep a keen eye out for innovative brewers who experiment with different styles and recipes to produce a huge variety of of flavours. Our CrowdCube campaign will mean we can continue to source the best beers from around the world and import exclusive beers from breweries that have never been seen before in the UK

In this beery life there’s always something new to discover. That said, it’s only fair we tell you a bit about them and why what they’re doing is so special.

Wild Beer Co | Somerset, UK – Inspired by Belgian farmhouse brewers, Wild Beer Co are constantly experimenting with wild yeasts, funky ingredients and brewing techniques creating beers that are incredibly tasty, complex and layered – perfect for sharing with friends.

TryWild Beer Co Evolver IPA which contains live yeast called Brettanomyces, (or Brett for short), which causes the flavour of the beer to evolve over time. Have one now and store a second one for 6 months and taste the difference.

Yeastie Boys | Wellington, New Zealand – Food and drink lovers Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie burst into the craft beer scene in 2009 and Yeastie Boys has quickly gained a cult following for their quirky  named (and delicious) beers.

Try: Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta, their tea-leaf IPA, infused with Earl Grey Blue Flower and the thirst-quenching finish of an ice tea.

Lervig | Stavanger, Norway – Brewing in Stavanger in Norway, Lervig have an impressive range of their own beers and have also brewed collaboration brews with the likes of Magic Rock, Nøgne Ø and Mikkeller. They were a favourite amongst the HonestBrew team at this year’s Craft Beer Celebration in Copenhagen.

Try: Lervig White Dog – a refreshing Belgian wheat beer perfect for summer evenings.

Anchor Brewing | San francisco, USA  – In 1965 Fritz Maytag saved a small gold rush era brewery from closure. What Fritz didn’t realise is that this impulse buy would kick start the US brewing revolution. Today Anchor make a wide range of beers with traditional methods and ingredients but are always innovating and exploring America’s rich brewing history.

Try: Liberty Ale – The first American IPA brewed after prohibition. See where it all began.

Hitachino Nest Beer – Kiuchi brewery, Naka, Japan – Established as a sake brewery in 1823. Kiuchi used the knowledge they had built  up through sake making to create a very unique craft brewery that uses their sake yeast to ferment a variety of European and American style beers but always with a local twist.

Try: Hitachino Nest – DaiDai IPA – An IPA brewed with Japanese wild breed mandarin “Fukure Mikan”. The refreshing flavour of the mandarin complements the citrusy Alsace grown Tardif de Bourgogne hops.

Brouwerij The Musketeers, Ursel, Belgium – Two friends graduated the prestigious KaHo St.Lieven Brewing School in 2000 and set about modernising Belgium’s famous brewing culture. Using techniques they learned from all over the brewing world they brew great Belgian styles as well as interesting reinterpretations.

Try: Troubadour Magma Belgian IPA – A Belgian style tripel bittered with czech hops and dry hopped with new world simcoe hops.


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