About Us

About HonestBrew

Hi there,

I’m Frank, and I’m here to tell you a bit about HonestBrew.

You may think I’m a bit standoffish or shy at first but what I lack in movement, I make up for in my ability to win any staring contest. Now one thing my mother always told me was that honesty is the best policy so, here’s the story of Honest Brew, no word of a lie.

I first met Andrew at a bar. He was by himself and I was by myself. Well to be honest, I actually had a date with a Swedish volleyball player but she had to rush home because her cat had kittens but that’s another story altogether.

Andrew and I got talking about beer, one thing led to another and I ended up going home with him. We became friends; housemates and more importantly we fell in love with beer, so much so that we decided it would be a good idea to brew some ourselves.

While we thought we knew how to make a great beer, we didn’t. We really didn’t. In comes Craig. He loves beer; he probably loves it more than those German guys with big moustaches who parade around on stage do. In fact, he probably has a better moustache than those chaps too. He put us in touch with the right people, joined the wolf pack and right then and there, HonestBrew was born.

So we had the name; we had the beer, now we just needed people to try it. It happened that Andrew knew a person who knew a person, and that person was Annabel. She was bright, computer savvy and a marketing whiz. She came onboard and instantly, we started selling HonestBrew by the caseload. But what good’s a bottle without a nice label?

Our marker pens and coloured paper weren’t going to cut it, not this time. Along came Tim, graphic design expert. He fancied up the labels and we were in business. And it turns out Tim was good at one other thing too, the Internet. It seemed to be a big deal over here in the UK so Tim suggested we make a website. Boom; honestbrew.co.uk was in the mainframe. To change up the selling game, we decided to open an online supermarket for craft beer too. No, not a Tesco’s for beer more like a Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium for beer and, if you haven’t seen the movie you should, it’s magical.

Nowadays we stock over 300 different craft beers at HonestBrew and have created something as magical as the Wonder Emporium. It’s a machine that can match beer to your tastes and we’re proud to say it’s a world first.

Well, that’s it. That’s the complete history of HonestBrew as told by me, your host for the evening.

Frank & the HonestBrew Team.