A look at Mad Hatter & Howling Hops breweries

Mad Hatter Brewery

Mad Hatter Brewing, based in Liverpool, are one of the most exciting breweries to emerge from the UK craft beer scene. After 20 years of homebrewing, Gareth Matthews was gifted a small commercial brew kit by his wife Sue.

From this relatively small space Gaz has created some of the most daring recipes that have ever graced your Honesty Boxes. Look out for bold combinations like Smoky Bacon Banana Weizen which use a careful balance of wheat beer yeast and smoked malts to give subtle flavours of both smoked meat and fruity banana.

Mad Hatter Smoky Bacon Banana Smoked Weizen 5.6%

Mad Hatter have also shown a mastery of the more established styles like fantastically hopped IPAs and intensely dark milk stouts. The creativity and fearlessness with which they create their recipes can be likened to other innovative beers such as Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast or Rogue’s Voodoo Pretzel Raspberry & Chocolate: a true testament that the UK brewing scene is anything but bland and boring.

Howling Hops Brewery

Look out this month for a brand new (well kind of) brewery from Hackney Wick, London. For years there has been a small brewery beneath the Cock Tavern, one of London’s best watering holes.

The brewery has until now been one of the cities best kept secrets, with small batches of beer being sold almost exclusively through the bar’s forest of taps. The team didn’t let the cramped size of the cellar hold them back and over the years they have released over 100 beers. Thanks to their shiny new brewery, finally Howling Hops beers are easier to get your hands on. You’ll see some of their launch beers gracing your Honesty Boxes over the next few months. Let us know what you think!

Howling Hops Black XX Black IPA 5.5%

Expect American influenced styles at medium strengths. We’re particularly enjoying the afternoon-friendly Black XX which is a very nicely balanced yet punchy Black IPA at 5.5%. If you are ever in the neighbourhood be sure to check out the unique tank bar where the team serves fresh beer straight from the conditioning tanks of the brewery.