5 Must-try Summer Beers

It was an inspired ale-lover who, when describing the marriage between summer and beer, warned “Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder”. For it is surely sacrilege to even THINK of separating the two. It’d be like ice without cream, Yorkshire without Whippets, or Hackney without hipsters (God forbid).

No indeed. Summer is synonymous with beer.

When considering the recent days of plenty sunshine, we who are experiencing the resurgence in all things beer can count our blessings that the UK has been popping out new craft breweries quicker than rabbits during the rut. London in particular is exemplary of this: from a mere handful some 14 years ago to over 60 today. At one point it was a new one every two weeks!

Thing is: what beers are best for summer? Are some more fitting than others? Or is just any old beer a good’n to sip all arvo in the park, whiling the sunny hours away? We’d certainly go with the latter on this one; as long as it’s your favourite how can you go wrong? Yet having said that, it’s always worthwhile getting out there and giving something new a crack.

Seems we’re not the only ones who reckon so. In inquisitive fashion our pals over at RentMoola asked the other day which would be our top five beers to sip around our banger-laden BBQs this summer. We said:

1. Beavertown - Gamma Ray American Pale Ale 5.4%

A big, hoppy and fresh pale ale full of juicy American hops giving it a heavy floral aroma full of hibiscus, passion flowers and grapefruit. Your BBQ all rounder, awesome with any grilled meat.

2. Siren - Liquid Mistress 5.8%

This beauty pours a deep red with roasted nut and spicy fruit aromas. Slightly grassy, piney with light sweet fruit flavours & finishes with a full bodied dry bitterness that smooths out nicely at the end. Think juicy pork sausages or a rich camembert.

3. Redchurch - Shoreditch Blonde 4.5%

Shoreditch Blonde pours a hazy lemon with hints of orange and refreshing citrus aromas, leading to light fruity flavours and a crisp, bitter finish. Another all-rounder perfect for a session in the sunshine.

4. Brew by Numbers - 01|07 Nelson Sauvin 5.8%

Nelson’s so named for the NZ hops used in the recipe, this Saison (French/Belgian Farmhouse style) has a peppery spice with a tartness that compliments the light tropical aromas and flavours quite nicely, & would cut perfectly through spicy wings.

5. Wild Beer Co. - Evolver I.P.A 5.8%

Evolver’s characteristics of refreshingly bitter-sweet citrus and melon hops are made more complex by the spiciness thanks to the wild yeast used. A real zesty number that’d work nicely with a smoked salmon and rocket salad.



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