10 Father’s Day DIY Ideas For Your Empty Beers

“Beer is the only respectable gift worth giving for Father’s Day. Or any day, really.”  – Frank

Father’s Day is once again upon us which means the inevitable gift hunting. Frank’s pretty convinced that Dad’s got to have beer which makes us pretty convinced that Dad’s gotta have something to do to keep his mind off the blinding headache he’ll surely have post Father’s Day beers.

So while Frank would say grab yourselves one of our Father’s Day Gifts (an idea we highly recommend, of course), us real folk at HonestBrew have scoured the interweb to help you help Dad keep occupied on the Monday when he pulls a sickie*. What better way to do this than with DIY projects with the empty beer bottles and popped beer caps?  Here’s 10 of the best ones we could find – let us know if you chance upon any other ones.

Father’s Day DIY #1: Turn bottle caps into fishing lures

Father’s Day DIY #2: Nail bottle caps to a block of wood, & voilà, you’ve got yourself a quality door mat

Father’s Day DIY #3: Construct an intimate, mood-making chandelier for the living room

Father’s Day DIY #4: Make a really cool clock with the used bottle caps.

Father’s Day DIY #5: Pimp the hell out of his car (will require more Father’s Day Beer Boxes if you want that done in a day).

Father’s Day DIY #6: Pimp out the coffee table.

Father’s Day DIY #7: Build a whole new house out of your empties (same deal as DIY #5).

*while we’re not questioning your Father’s integrity, we heard 17 million working days are lost to hangovers in the UK every year… rather scary, really.

There’s one last cheeky DIY we’ve got up our sleeves, but you’ll have to watch this blogspace for that..

Meanwhile have a nosey at our offers for Father’s Day 2014.

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